SID comes to town

SID (sometimes known as SAM) has been installed by Westcotec Ltd, in Tunstead. SID is a vehicle Speed Indicator Device.

A Westcotec’s SID in use

As you know, Tunstead’s through roads Anchor Street and Market Street have long suffered from speeding motorists. To help combat this, the parish council with financial support from The Parish Partnership Scheme sponsored by the Highway department of Norfolk County Council, have purchased and installed the SID. The intension of installing such a device is to inform and educate drivers of the speed constraints within our village. Whilst SID does not hold any punitive measures in itself, it is felt that it will be a useful tool in educating motorists and help reduce speeding in our village.

SID at one of its four locations in our village

The device can be quickly installed and secured in any of four locations in our village. The system is moved on every few weeks so to provide a dynamic indication of a vehicle’s speed, without it being seen as yet another piece of street furniture.

The parish council is looking for volunteers to move and reinstall the device in different locations. Installation only takes five minutes (if that), so the task in itself is not arduous. The device is run on a battery which needs to be kept charged, so a second battery has been supplied by Westcotec, along with its own battery charger which plugs into an ordinary mains socket. Once the existing battery is run down, the replacement is used and the original recharged. If you have a few spare minutes, and a spare mains socket please contact us to join the team of volunteers and help reduce speeding through our village.

Contact us via this LINK

For further information on Westcotec Ltd, please use visit their web site via this LINK

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Tunstead church in bloom

Church of St. Mary's, TunsteadOn Saturday 29th July, St Mary’s Tunstead hosted a wedding ceremony. In order to prepare the church for this wonderful event, the church was decorated with boughs, blooms, and bouquets.

The decorations were held over into Sunday, so that the church community and members of the public could view them.

The church of St Mary the Virgin is of cathedral-like proportions with a high arching roof, and a central aisle and two additional ones on either side. So to decorate the church was no mean feat. Trees and saplings were brought in to mark the aisles, and floral wreaths decorated the pew ends. Candles were also placed at the end of the pews.  The rood screen arch became a floral arch which led to the chancel. Pedestal displays and trees were also placed in the side chapels so to integrate the whole church into the theme.


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Coffee Morning

On Monday 31st July, 10-12am.

Its been a while since we all got together over coffee. We can catch up on what’s been happening since we last met.

There will be:

  • Cakes
  • A Bring & Buy stall
  • and of course a raffle.

It would be great to see you there.

Please do come along to the Portacabin on the Recreation Ground


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Cinerary urn stolen

Today I learned that one of our villagers has suffered the desecration of a loved one’s ashes, and the theft of the urn which held them. If you can help identify the perpetrators or help to recover the urn please use the contact information below.

You may have had a slip of paper posted through your door recently. The wording from that note is retyped below:

“Last Saturday (22nd July) in the afternoon, trespassers removed from a garden in Tunstead a blue and white patterned ceramic urn containing my father’s ashes, which they dumped on the ground. Other ceramic plant pots were also emptied out and stolen. Our neighbour spotted the trespassers, two grey haired ladies, one wearing a pink top and the other a stripy top. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to challenge them, as he initially assumed they must be friends of ours. As they were on foot, we assume they live locally.

If you have an information regarding this appalling theft please contact 01603 395373, or email or simply return all items to their rightful place, so we can replace my father’s ashes on the vase lovingly chosen by his wife and myself.”


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