Community Speed Watch Volunteers Needed

Community Speed Watch was started in 2007, as an initiative to help communities play an active role in tackling speeding in their villages.

Tunstead and Sco Ruston used to have a speed watch team, but this was disbanded some time ago. Our local Beat Manager (police officer) wishes to restart the speed watch team again. A team consists of a minimum of six people, who will be trained in using the speed measuring equipment, with one member of the team being the coordinator who will hold the equipment and be the main point of contact.

Results of the teams are sent to a central point who will send out letters to the registered keeper of the vehicle that was observed driving over the speed limit. The letter will remind them about the hazards of speeding, and ask them to keep within the speed limits. Persistent offenders will be contacted by the local police engagement officer.

If you wish to join the team of Community Speed Watch Volunteers, please contact the Norfolk Safety Camera Partnership on 01603 276433 or the local district Engagement Officer by dialling 101. Alternatively you could use the feedback form below, and we will pass on your details.

The North Norfolk Police have published a booklet about the scheme. Click the underlined words to download the Community Speed Watch booklet.

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Defibrillator for Tunstead

Tunstead Parish Council are keen to provide a defibrillator unit, and store it within the disused ‘phone box outside the primary school. The phone box will be relabelled so that everyone will recognise its new purpose. The phone box will retain is overall appearance and colour.

A defibrillator is used on a person when they have had a cardiac arrest (heart stops beating). Every minute that passes when a person has had a cardiac arrest reduces their chances of survival by 10%. So, the quicker treatment can start the better. Having such a device to hand will help improve a person’s chances of surviving a cardiac arrest. The user will collect the device from the ‘phone box and take it straight to the patient.

The parish council are hoping that people will come forward to be trained in its use. One of our councillors will arrange for training as part of a St. Johns recruitment evening. At this event a demonstration of the use of the AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) will be given along with a taster of what St Johns offer in both training and support for its current and prospective members.

If you are interested in learning about the defibrillator and the St Johns organisation, please use the vote form below. Your details will not be collected, but will go towards understanding how many people would come to such an event.

Are you interested in attending the St Johns Taster evening?

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Litter Pick – What a load of rubbish ;)

Today was the Tunstead Litter Pick. We met on the rec, at 10:00, and for an hour and a half we wandered the streets and lanes of the village, picking litter as we went. There were five pairs of hands, and we filled 4 bin bags. We were pleased that we felt this was not really a lot, ’cause it shows what a tidy bunch we are. It also shows that the regular little pick is staying on top of things; which is great news.

There was a competition for the strangest thing found. Perhaps it was the eighteen inch section of a car exhaust, or perhaps the five empty energy drink cans in one 100 yard stretch. Perhaps the energy drink owner could think about keeping the cans with him/her until they get home!

Anyway the village is looking a little tidier, but I must admit you had to look quite hard for some of the litter in the first place. Well done everyone, who didn’t drop litter, or came to the Litter Pick.

The next litter pick will be in the new year (did I just say – New Year! already! ho hum) when the undergrowth would have died back, perhaps revealing some more litter. We are looking for a couple more volunteers for the next litter pick.

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NDR Update

Wroxham Road closure starts 8pm Friday!

One of the most disruptive closures during construction of Norwich NDR begins at 8pm on Friday (6th) when the A1151 Wroxham Road closes to all traffic – including cyclists and pedestrians – for a full nine days. Work will be going on day and night to cut a wide trench through Wroxham Road to install a deep drainage culvert. The road will reopen no later than 6am on Monday 16th.

For more information please follow the link below:

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