The Queens Diamond Jubilee – Part I

Queen's Diamond Jubilee decorated cakesQueen's Diamond Jubilee decorated bunsQueen's Diamond Jubilee decorated biscuitsWith much anticipation and a build-up only rivaled by that of the London Olympic Games, Tuesday 5th July 2012 finally arrived to mark Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It is with much joy that we can say that the people of Tunstead & Sco-Ruston were entirely willing to do their part to celebrate this momentous occasion and on the day it seemed like a large part of the village had turn out at the Recreation Ground to join in the fun and activities.

The tea party was an immense success. The numbers exceeded our greatest expectation, the generosity and creativity of people’s contribution was impressive: savoury sausage rolls and sandwiches as well as a huge array of cakes decorated in Union Jack colours, a generous helping of strawberries from Place UK with a dash of cream, and a non-stop supply of beverages. Families met and mingled, generations mixed, children chewed, and went back for second helpings. The amazingly resilient team of helpers continued to deliver tea, coffee, juice and strawberries, conjuring up plates, cups and bowls seemingly out of thin air, while retaining their good humour throughout the afternoon.

Commemorative Mugs

Queen's Diamond Jubilee commemorative mugTo mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee the Parish Council presented a commemorative jubilee mug to every child in the Parish who was under the age of 17. 104 children received a mug, which is about 15% of the current population of just under 700. The mug had the official jubilee crest on the front and on the back, in royal blue, the wording ‘Presented to the children of Tunstead & Sco-Ruston by the Parish Council 2012’.

Receiving Jubilee Mugs

Receiving their Commemorative Mugs are the 4 children of the Bindley family: Jayden, Ellis, Rhia and Lori

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