The Queens Diamond Jubilee – Part II – Fun

Craft Workshop

Tunstead Craft Workshop

Maggie Richardson runs the Craft Club at the primary school, and she extended it to present a workshop at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee event, offering children the chance to make and decorate their own royal accessories, such as crowns, swords, shields and orbs. Maggie applied her skill, enthusiasm and patience continually throughout the afternoon.

Her efforts were greatly appreciated by children and parents equally. The Parish Council and the Friends of Tunstead School provided the funding for this activity, and extra money made will form part of the Council’s School Centenary.

Fancy Dress Parade

Queens Diamond Jubilee - Fancy Dress Parade
Fancy Dress Parade - Will & Kate look-a-likes

Early on in proceedings a Fancy Dress Parade on a Royal theme was held, with 8 children, 4 girls and 4 boys, all imaginatively decked out. The 2 judges, Jonathan Rice and Catrina Place, took their responsibilities seriously, talked to each contestant and observed the regal procession with studied pleasure. The Will and Kate lookalikes were clear winners, the new Duchess of Cambridge wearing an immaculate lace dress made from exquisitely crocheted net curtains. William Shipley, wearing a fine imitation bearskin, as a Royal Guard, kept his upright stance throughout the competition.

Sir Gavin’s Knight School

Sir Gavin's Knight lessons in swordsmanship
Sword Training for Tunstead Yokels

“During the jubilee party, Sir Gavin, Lady Sarah and Squires Edward and Rupert successfully trained up many local children in 14th century style sword fighting. Sir Gavin demonstrated official sword moves whilst wearing over 4 stone of armour. Squires Edward and Rupert initially trained children using foam swords after which the children fought Sir Gavin. There was then an official ceremony in which the young Knights/Ladies were presented with a certifi-cate by Lady Madeline (5 years old). There was lots of fun and shouting and even some of the grown-ups got involved in some of the action!“

As reported by Squire, Edward Frost (aged 10).

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