The Queens Diamond Jubilee – Part IV

Tunstead Remembers

Memories of TunsteadOne of the most fascinating aspects of the Jubilee celebration was the collection of photographs, artefacts and anecdotes of the older generation ’Tunstodians’ — a term John Rice so aptly coined — which was the catalyst for memories and recollections of life in and around the village, some dating back 90 years. This display will be added to and treasured, especially with the school’s centenary celebrations next year.

The editor is extremely grateful to all who allowed her to listen and record their stories. These will be added to the website over the Summer of 2012 and you can begin reading Tunstodians reminiscences by following the link.

Tunstead Artists

Tunstead Jubilee Art ExhibitionThe display of artwork presented by Tunstead’s amateur artists was well received and widely admired by all who attended the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. Many people were astounded at the number of talented artists there are in the village (9 and counting…), and at the range and depth of their submissions.So much so that the feedback has convinced us that there is both the quality and ample quantity to host a wider exhibition in the near future.

David Wright Floral Display

Diamond Jubilee Flower CelebrationDavid Wright is well-known not only for his beautiful creations which can be adapted for wedding bouquets, funeral sprays and wreaths and church decorations, but also for his generosity in charity events and now, in his presentation of this splendid floral arrangement for Tunstead’s Jubilee celebration. His eye for detail, structure and balance is spectacular, and the closer you studied his Diamond Jubilee composition, the more the fine detail becomes apparent: the crystals subtly weighting the flags, which have their own symmetry; the main design balancing the royal colours perfectly, replicated, only differing in size; the crown at its apex, reaching a height of about 1.8metres.

and finally . . .

Graham John Entertains

Graham John entertainsUncovering talent in this small village of 700 people has been one of the most rewarding aspects of this Jubilee celebration for me, as the Event Organiser. Graham Johns is an extraordinarily talented musician, with a vast repertoire to suit any occasion, a good, strong voice and a great sense of humour to match. He kept visitors to Room 4 entertained for most of the afternoon, adapting his range of songs to whichever generation was listening. It comes as no surprise to learn that his musician’s diary is fairly full, but he has accepted an invitation to hold a gig at Tunstead’s School Hall.

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