Invitation for New Parish Councillors for Tunstead & Sco-Ruston

Invitation to join the Parish Council

Tunstead and Sco-Ruston Parish Council invites residents to come forward and join the team. The Parish Council is the longest established tier of local governance and deeply democratic.

What does the Council expect of you?

You need to be interested in what goes on in the village and the future of your village and be aware of what residents in the village want and want to try to do something about it. You must be able to attend the mainly bi-monthly meetings and comment on Planning Applications submitted in between meetings.

What can you expect from the Council?

The Council will listen and respect your comments on all issues. The Council may pay for Council related courses.

Qualifications or political affiliations are not necessary. Any local knowledge you may have can be used to the benefit of the village and the residents.

Where to get information?

Visit the North Norfolk District and Norfolk County Council website as well as or (National and Norfolk Association of Local Councils) for general information. Contact the Clerk for local information.

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