Bingo – Another good turn-out

Tonight’s (2nd February) Bingo session had a good turn-out. 19 people for the bingo, with Alan calling, and Jane and co. doing refreshments, made for a great evening. To top it all Wendy said that £39 had been made for the Hall funds. Having a lot of people makes a real difference. But there is still a little room left for more people. So put 16th February on your Tunstead Calendars, and make it a date.  A lot of people adds to the atmosphere as well as adding to the funds. Alan encouraged us to join in the “twiddley” bits; “twenty two, two little ducks”. Yours truly had his evening made by winning. So even rookies can win. We gained some more tips offered by the regulars. Wendy showing the ropes and checking the cards of the winners. I would like to thank our table partners; Cathy and Jane who guided Chris and myself.

The bingo sessions are run every other Thursday  at 7:30pm in the Village portacabin. If as many people (or more) turn up then the fund would be raised by nearly £1000 a year, and that’s just the bingo.

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