Bingo Snowball Won!

Last night the village hall resounded with shouts of bingo! as usual on every other Thursday evening. However, last night was a bit special. Read on.

One game of bingo! which is played half-way through the evening is the Snowball. This is an accumulator game. Prize money from one snowball game going on to the following fortnight’s game if it is not won. To win the Snowball you have to have a “full house”; all numbers on a card being called out, but within the first set of numbers called. So if it takes more numbers to be called out before someone marks off all the numbers on their card, a portion of the prize money goes onto the Snowball game in a fortnight’s time.

Well last night, after several weeks of “house” not being successfully called before the limit, the Snowball accumulator was won! The happy winner is pictured below.

Have you thought about joining in. Its not all about winning, but a get-together, with time for a chat during the coffee break, as well as before and after the game. There is also a raffle.

Thanks go to Wendy for organising the games, Alan for calling, and Jane for making the teas and coffees.

The next bingo! night is Thursday 16th March 2017. If you would like to play bingo! with us, and catch up with friends, just pop along at 7:30pm.

Reviewed 17/2/17
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