History of Marler’s Farm

Photo Courtesy of John Lock – Gravestone Photographic Resource

One of our residents is particularly interested in the history of Marler’s Farm. Neil owns the farmhouse that was once Marler’s Farm. The Marlers have long been associated with Tunstead and Sco Ruston, and they have had leading roles through the years right up to modern times. However, Neil wishes to put together a history of Marler’s farm. He hopes to do this by talking with people who knew the farm, its use, or perhaps the people that worked there. In other words, Neil would like to gather an oral history of Marler’s farm.

The Marler family were of significance in the area during the 1750s, as there are many memorials to them in Tunstead Church. One member of the family used to own the farm in Sco Ruston; Benjamin Marler. However, Neil has only a little information regarding the history of the farm, and would dearly like to add to that.

If anyone has information regarding Marler’s Farm, please contact Neil directly on his email address. It is neilcoston3ATgmail.com Please change the “AT” to the @ sign. I have done this to protect him from spammers as this is a public web site. If you have any difficulty please add comments to the feedback section below. Thanks.

reviewed 29/3/17
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