Well done mop and bucket crew

It was Mop and Bucket Day on Sunday 23rd April. It was time to give the buildings on the Recreation Ground a spruce-up ready for the season’s activities. So the changing rooms and the main building were tended to by a small, but dedicated team of volunteers. So thanks go to the team; Wendy, two Christines, Neil, Lisa, Poppy, Tilly and Clive.

The morning was pleasant and mild, just right to enable the team to sweep, dust, wash and polish the insides of the buildings. We turned up around 10:00am and set-to dividing into three parties; one cleaning the main hall, another team tackling the shower rooms, and Neil acting as handyman; hammering and screwing anything that needed fixing. Neil was helped by his two children; who spent some of their time testing the play equipment on the recreation ground. Wendy kept the teas and coffees flowing in-between her cleaning duties knowing that refreshments would be welcomed by everyone.

 By lunch-time the main tasks had been completed, and a to-do list had been compiled. The cobwebs were gone. The dust diminished. Floors swept and washed, and the walls wiped over.

The team thought the buildings looked just right for acting as the base for the yard sale on May 7th, and the Fête on June 11th.

There are still one or two repair and replace jobs left to do, so we would like volunteers to come forward and lend a hand. Please contact Wendy directly, or though this web site, if you can spare some time to help out.

issued 24/4/17
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