Tunstead’s busy church

Tunstead’s parish church; St Mary’s is going to be a hive of activity in July. There will be bell ringing (4:00pm, 12th July) and towards the end of the month; a grand wedding. The day after the wedding (2-4:00pm, 30th July) there will be a public viewing of the flowers that were used to  dress the church for the ceremony.

Later in the year (1st October) will be the Harvest Festival. A celebration of the use of the land in the manufacture of food and other items we use in our day to day lives.

In order to prepare the church for these events, there will be a church working party. The inside of the church and the grounds will be receive some attention; cleaning, polishing and tidying. To do this there is a need for additional volunteers to help the regular church-goers present our parish church in the best light for the visitors. The visitors may be making their first visit to the area, and it would be nice if people from the village could give a hand. I know it would be much appreciated.

The working party will be on Saturday 1st July at 10:00am. If a lot of people turn up then there will only be a couple of hours work to bring the church up to scratch for our visitors. So please spare some time. You don’t even have to stay for the whole session; come when you can, and go when you wish.

So see you there at 10:00am Saturday 1st July.

reviewed 21/6/17
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