Anglian Water – Notification

Anglian Water is undertaking some essential work in our district. You should have received a letter informing you how your particular property will be affected. If you have not received this letter, then you can find out more using the link below.

Basically, they are flushing the water mains to help maintain the water quality. Tunstead and Sco Ruston may be affected on one or more of the following days:

8th, 9th, 15th, 18th 22nd October.

The letter states that during the work, the tap water will be safe to drink, however, on the dates shown your  water may be discoloured or cloudy, the water supply may be interrupted for short periods of time, you may experience low water pressure.

On the dates you may be directly affected, Anglian Water advise us

  • to fill a kettle or suitable container with drinking water,
  • don’t use washing machines or dishwashers, or leave taps open.
  • Don’t use mains fed instantaneous water heaters or showers (central heating will be fine).
  • If you have a water softener, you should isolate it using the bypass pipe,
  • don’t fill or change the water in fishponds and tanks for 48 hours.

Any problems then you can ring the Customer Contact Centre on 03457 145 145.

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