Litter Pick – What a load of rubbish ;)

Today was the Tunstead Litter Pick. We met on the rec, at 10:00, and for an hour and a half we wandered the streets and lanes of the village, picking litter as we went. There were five pairs of hands, and we filled 4 bin bags. We were pleased that we felt this was not really a lot, ’cause it shows what a tidy bunch we are. It also shows that the regular little pick is staying on top of things; which is great news.

There was a competition for the strangest thing found. Perhaps it was the eighteen inch section of a car exhaust, or perhaps the five empty energy drink cans in one 100 yard stretch. Perhaps the energy drink owner could think about keeping the cans with him/her until they get home!

Anyway the village is looking a little tidier, but I must admit you had to look quite hard for some of the litter in the first place. Well done everyone, who didn’t drop litter, or came to the Litter Pick.

The next litter pick will be in the new year (did I just say – New Year! already! ho hum) when the undergrowth would have died back, perhaps revealing some more litter. We are looking for a couple more volunteers for the next litter pick.

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