Defibrillator update 4th Feb 2018

Firstly, another thank you goes to the owner and customers of the Horse and Groom. Together they have made another donation to the defibrillator fund for the village. This time they gave £40. It is much appreciated, and the fund is growing. The fund has now topped the £1,000 mark. We need around £2,000. As we only started fund raising in October, we are doing very well.

Another interesting development is the arrival of a British Heart Foundation sponsored CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training kit. This came in a large holdall containing 10 separate training units, consisting of manikins and ancillary equipment. When the defibrillator arrives we will be in a good position to be on standby, should we be in the unfortunate position of having to use the equipment. Having members of the village trained in the use of the defibrillator and to able to assist by using CPR  techniques until professional help arrives, will significantly contribute to the survival of the patient.

Look out for a date for the training session. You are all invited to attend the training session. You can join in and learn what is needed, or even just observe so you know what is going on. Trainees and observers will gain confidence in knowing that help is on hand right within the village.

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2 Responses to Defibrillator update 4th Feb 2018

  1. Gilly Foulds says:

    Do you have another training planned. If possible would it be possible for all the staff at the H&G have a training day, as there is someone about there most of the time so would be able to help if needed.

    • clivepc says:

      We have not yet organised a training session. Now we have the training equipment we can set something up. However, we were thinking of having a dual St Johns recruitment session at the same time as the CPR training. I will bring this up at the next parish council meeting.

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