Tunstead Village Hall AGM – 2019

It is currently a very exciting and busy time for the village hall committee. We are having plans drawn up for the new village hall.

We have sent out a questionnaire to everyone in the village asking for opinions on what people want from the hall when it is built.


We have had a representative from the Football Association (FA) take a look around the recreation ground in order to assess our position for obtaining grants from the FA.  We are also running our regular events; the Yard Sale is coming up on the 12th May, and the Village Fete on the 9th June.


The Annual General Meeting,
which had to be postponed in April, will now take place on Tuesday 14th May at 7:30pm. We have just one vacancy for a Trustee. If you would like to join the committee please come along to the meeting in the modular building.


It is not necessary to be on the committee to volunteer to help run the village hall and recreation ground charity. We are looking for people with particular skills to join the body of 50 volunteers that help us already. We are currently looking for volunteers with professional and technical skills in:

  • Legal Matters – to help establish the legal basis for the Charity and its new hall.
  • Bid Writer – someone to help with making applications to grant providers to fund the building of the hall.
  • Building Project Manager – someone with established skills to ensure the construction of the village hall will be a success.
  • Grounds-Keeping – a person who will be able to prepare the recreation ground for football matches and other events. Also, to ensure that the play area is safe for the children to use.
  • Questionnaire Reviewer – a person with skills in assessing responses to the questionnaire sent out recently.

If you have any of the above skills or other technical skills, especially when the construction of the village hall is under-way next year, please come along and have a chat.
The plans for the village hall will also be on display at the AGM.

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