Hazardous Waste Days

Norfolk County Council has published their Household Hazardous Waste Days.

For a short period each year, Norfolk County Council have a moratorium on Household hazardous waste. This year the local site at Mayton Wood will be open for the disposal of certain hazardous waste on 2oth, 21st, 22nd September, 9:00 – 5:00.

Items accepted during household hazardous waste days:
– Aerosols – full or part-full
– Fire extinguishers
– Garden pesticides and fertilizers – both liquid and powder form
– Household chemicals and cleansers – both liquid and powder form. eg carpet cleaner, furniture polish, old bottles of bleach etc
– Paint – including water-based and solvent-based paint
– Photographic chemicals
– Wood preservatives, treatments and varnishes

Please follow this link for more details of the type of waste that can and can’t be received on those dates.

Please ignore the dates published in the latest copy of The Bridge Magazine, these are incorrect.


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