New Year Bin Collection

Here is a reminder of the bin collection service, operated by North Norfolk District Council, over the New Year and beyond.

The new year week is brown bin and green bin collection week. The notes on this page are for people who normally have the black or green bin collected on Wednesday. If your normal bin collection is not this day, then other arrangements may apply to you.






Brown bin collection day will be: Thursday 2nd January
Green bin collection day will be: Friday 3rd January
Black bin collection day will be: Thursday 9th January

For people new to Tunstead, especially if you have moved here from another district council area, please note that kitchen waste or vegetable peelings must NOT go in the brown bin.

This is because, unlike some other district councils, NNDC operate open-air composting and not closed-vessel composting. So if you come from another area please make sure you dispose of all kitchen waste including vegetable peelings in the black bin (or make other composting arrangements). It is necessary to adhere to this procedure to stop cross-contamination of kitchen products, and prevent the spread of diseases to farmed animals.


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