Can you help out on Sunday 1st March 2020 ?

Can you help out on Sunday 1st March 2020 at the Tunstead Recreation Ground?
If you can spend a couple of hours or so, on Sunday 1st March, please come to the rec for the tidy-up session.
The session starts at 10:00am and will conclude at 1:00pm.
Stay as long as you can. Bring tools and items you have that can cut scrub and small shrubs, brambles etc. If you have heavier kit that can be used to remove thicker undergrowth, saplings etc, please bring that along too. A skip would be handy!
Refreshments will be provided during the session.
The Tunstead Village Hall Committee look forward to seeing you there.
Thanks in advance
The TVH Committee.
Whilst we are not expecting to get the neglected area of the park to change from the photo above into this; any effort will be gratefully received. If we can tidy up the space, using members of our village, it will help us apply for a grant to rejuvenate this often overlooked area of the Tunstead Recreation Ground. See the article below.

Pocket Parks – Grant
Last year saw a repeat of grant provision by the Ministry of Housing. In November, Tunstead missed out because we were not ready to apply. But this year we will be well prepared.
The grant is for up to £15,000 to start a public park or renovate small spaces that can be used as such. If we can demonstrate that the local community is behind this initiative, it will give us additional “Brownie Points” when we apply for the “Pocket Parks” grant. To that end, the Tunstead Village Hall Committee are holding a recreation ground tidy-up working party. The idea is to renovate the corner of the rec, that holds the field drainage pond. This has become overgrown, and is in desperate need of rejuvenation. If we, as a community, can demonstrate that we value this particular area of the park, it will hold us in good stead when applying for the grant.

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