Coronavirus – Tunstead in Action!

A parish council response has been formulated, in conjunction with the Horse & Groom, so that we may provide social care, support and assistance to those who are vulnerable, social-distancing or self-isolating within Tunstead and Sco-Ruston.

If you would like to get involved in our response efforts, please head to the Horse & Groom on Thursday, 19th March, at 7.30pm.

Our initial thoughts are to divide the village and allocate a volunteer per road/area.  We will then hand out information, our contact numbers and posters to alert callers that you are self-isolating, along with practical information on the help the Horse & Groom are offering, such as their extended take-away menus.   We hope to have enough volunteers that your ‘area’ is small enough that it won’t be too much for you to help out.

If nothing else, we can raise the community spirit!  Hopefully, you won’t need our assistance, but if you should you need anything from groceries, meals, medications, or just a chat if you are feeling isolated and alone, help will be on hand in Tunstead.

If you feel that going to the pub on Thursday is unwise, but you would still like to help or know what’s going on, please contact Gilly at the Horse & Groom on 07730 494338 and she can advise you on the plans.

If you are unsure of your symptoms or need advice around Coronavirus please ring NHS Direct on 111 or visit  If you need any further information about Tunstead’s offer of help, you can contact Council Chairman, Chris Oakes, on 07909 835514 or your parish Clerk on 01692 536056.

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