Temporary closure of Vicarage Lane

The road will be temporarily closed (except for access) from 11th May 2021 to 13th May 2021 for the duration of the works, expected to be 3 days within the period.

More details are given in the link below:

Notice of road closure from NCC

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Police Report for Tunstead Parish Council March 2021

Dear ladies and gentlemen

Police Report for Tunstead Parish Council March 2021

I hope this finds you all well. You won’t be surprised to learn that our focus continues to be around Covid and the safety of our community. We have a dedicated Covid car each day who’s task it is to deal with Covid related breaches and conduct proactive patrols. Likewise, as Beat Manager for the area I have been patrolling and dealing with breaches. To date I have personally issued over thirty £200 fines to visitors from out of the County who have travelled to our area. These have mainly been on the coast around Horsey and Sea Palling.

In order to try and get the message out about telephone and other fraud targeting our vulnerable residents I have attended local post offices and given them some really useful notices to share with customers. I am encouraging staff to give these to any customer they consider may be vulnerable or be seeking some support. They offer sound advice and list relevant points of contact including the police and Action Fraud. For Tunstead perhaps we could publish something in the parish newsletter. I have attached the document which you can either copy or take info from as you see fit.

There have been continued concerns about speeding through the village and whilst you are not a SNAP (Safer Neighbourhood Action Panel) priority currently, once I get the gun back from service I will try and do a bit of enforcement in the village. Traffic wise I have when off duty observed some terrible parking by parents this last week at school start and finish times around the junctions at Manor Close and Forge Estate so I will liaise with the school and consider some advice to parents when I see it on duty.

I received an anonymous complaint about issues on Market Street with hoses going into the carriageway from properties pumping water from their gardens and grounds. I have monitored this and from a policing point of view I do not consider there is an issue. I understand that for those affected there are significant implications for their homes if they don’t take this action. All I would ask is that if those residents concerned consider the road conditions when doing so and manage it to ensure there isn’t excessive flooding on the carriageway and that it stops if we have a cold spell and freezing road surfaces, much less likely now. If at any time I do consider there to be an issue I will speak to the property owners directly.

Demand for Tunstead

Over the last Month we have dealt with 9 calls in the parish.

Five of these have been UK Border Force generated requests for quarantine checks following the arrival of persons from overseas. I have been to a number of these as they relate to new arrivals at a local business. The company concerned have robust procedures in place to ensure that new arrivals are quarantined and meet their obligations and I have no concerns.

One was a concern re flooding under the bridge on the way to Sloley. This has been quite bad for weeks now, but Highways are aware and I hope will address it soon. Still flooded a few days ago when I last checked.

There was a road rage incident reported but it took place in Norwich, some intelligence information passed to police and a road traffic collision.

Finally, I received a report of a suspicious vehicle paying attention to local business premises and potentially going door to door for scrap. I would urge the community to be vigilant and report such incidents with as much information as possible, because often those involved in this sort of activity are at times may have a somewhat more sinister ulterior motive.

As always please do not hesitate to call or email if there are any issues you feel I can help with or should be aware of.

Best wishes Tom Gibbs


PC 1298 Tom Gibbs

Beat Manager

Hoveton Police Station

Stalham Road

Hoveton NR128DG

Tel 01692401153

Email [email protected]

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Highways inspector visiting Tunstead and Sco-Ruston during week commencing 19th April 2021

Report any highways issues to the Clerk before 5pm on 14th April 2021.

Norfolk County Council Streetscene Inspectors are due to visit Tunstead from the week commencing 19/04/2021 if there is work identified for their attention. If you have any specific highway maintenance issues, they would be grateful for any information to ensure these issues are considered by the Inspector who will be taking account of maintenance needs of the road network in your area.

NCC’s key concern is maintaining the essential elements with regard to the safety of the highway network, with this in mind their highest priority is the following:

Potholes – an accurate location and dimensions (including depth) really help us to judge their priority.
Regular incidences of Standing water/ flooding – location and area affected are important, in addition any knowledge of any features which may be blocked, does the ponding eventually clear over time, does this only occur during heavy rain. Recently heavy rain falls and wash from fields has caused issues over which NCC sometimes have no control. NCC can clear gulley pots and back ditches and grips within the highway boundary.
Mud on road – this is a common occurrence in our rural community. If this repeatedly affects highway users ability to travel, is not signed in advance or is simply left following farming activity, the most useful information is contact details of the responsible party. Be assured that this information is completely confidential, NCC will not disclose any details of an enquiry.

However, please let the Clerk know of any highways issues that you are aware of to maximise the benefit to the Parish of the visit by the Streetscene Inspector.

The Clerk’s e-mail address is [email protected]

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Clothing bank at the recreation ground

Tunstead now has a clothing bank situated at the recreation ground. If you have old items of clothing etc that you no longer want, please deposit them at the clothing bank. This helps the environment and also gives the Parish Council a small income. The more income the Parish Council receive from this, the lower the amount of council tax that you pay.

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