Replacement chairs for the village hall

The closure of Wymondham Red Cross Support Centre presented the Tunstead Village Hall Committee with the opportunity to obtain 2 dozen stackable padded wooden reception chairs for our Portakabin. These will be used to replace the collection of tired chairs that we currently have.

The replacement chairs are similar to some of the wooden chairs we already use. The newer chairs come with blue backs and squabs or green backs and squabs. Being stackable has an advantage in that we can more easily move the unused chairs to one end of the hall. Stacking also came in handy when the Chairman of the Village Hall Committee and an assistant went to collect them. Wendy had already been to view them and returned with as many chairs as her car could hold, but a second trip was necessary. So last Saturday (19th August) we took a trip to Wymondham to collect the remainder.

Wendy also collected an office cupboard, that once reassembled will be available for use in the hall.

The Red Cross wished for a donation, which the village hall committee was only too glad to offer.

So next time you come to use the Portakabin for a coffee morning or an evening bingo session, you can sit in a more comfy chair.

Now to find some replacement tables, and of course a replacement modular building! We wish the committee luck with their endeavours.

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Photo Competition

Hurry! Competition entry closes soon!

Competition entries close at the end of the month.

Photo Competition (click to enlarge)

The Tunstead Village Hall Committee are sponsoring a photo competition this summer. This annual event is used to encourage photographers to look around the village and take a few snaps that can be included in the following year’s village calendar.

This year’s theme is “Totally Tunstead”. This theme will emphasise recognisable views and subjects as being in Tunstead. A fee of £1 will be charged for each photo entered. The closing date for the competition is 31st August 2017. The entries will be judged by a local professional photographer, and the winning entries will be published in a month-to-a-page calendar for 2018. These calendars will be on sale towards the end of 2017, just in time to send to loved ones in far-flung places to help remind them what a lovely and interesting place Tunstead is.

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Can we get a new Portacabin?

There was a presentation at the last Tunstead Village Hall meeting. The presentation described the results of a feasibility study that was undertaken to determine the viability of purchasing a replacement portacabin.

Example modular building

A lot of hard work has gone into raising funds for a new village hall.  Several attempts to apply for a Lottery Grant have not come to fruition, so a new direction was sought, especially as the old portacabin is fast becoming beyond economic repair. It was for that reason that the suggestion to replace it with a stock modular building was muted. The village has now raised £30,000. It was felt that the time had come to take a serious look at purchasing a replacement, so the feasibility study was commissioned.

The presentation started with a review of the needs of the village. It continued by discussing how the needs of the village can be resolved through use of an updated portacabin. The presenter felt that our village could demonstrate “need” in a significant way; namely isolation. Tunstead and Sco Ruston do not have local access to services and facilities, and villagers have to travel to use those services. In a world where every ounce of emission, pollution, and energy is measured through a concern for the environment, having the ability to host some of those services and facilities within the village will give significant leverage on obtaining a grant to supplement the money the village has so far raised.

It was shown that £30,000 does go a long way towards purchasing  a new building, but it does not cover a large number of other costs associated with the installation of such a building. The presentation continued by looking at the ways in which the significant short-fall could be raised; through grants. It was shown that grants can come from a number of sources; not just the Lottery, using the Norfolk County Council Community Fund Service. Using this service it would be possible to identify grant suppliers and apply for a number of smaller grants to fulfil specific areas of need; both financial and social.

The next step is to create a project plan for the replacement modular building, and publish it; seeking responses and commitment to the plan.

Here are the highlight slides used in the presentation. Hilights of feasibility study

If you have any constructive thoughts on this subject please use the comments section at the bottom of the page or contact the Village Hall Committee.


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Village Hall Committee Meeting – 8th August

A reminder that the Tunstead Village Hall Committee Meeting is on Tuesday 8th August at 7:30 pm. This is a public meeting, so anyone is welcome to attend.

There is a standard agenda:

  • The minutes of the last meeting are reviewed and approved

    Example modular building

  • Treasurers report
  • Updates on the progress of forth-coming events
  • Discussion about new fund raising initiatives
  • Any Other Business

There will be an additional agenda item:

A presentation on the feasibility study for the replacement modular building

If you have an interest in these matters, please come along.

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