Defibrillator update 4th Feb 2018

Firstly, another thank you goes to the owner and customers of the Horse and Groom. Together they have made another donation to the defibrillator fund for the village. This time they gave £40. It is much appreciated, and the fund is growing. The fund has now topped the £1,000 mark. We need around £2,000. As we only started fund raising in October, we are doing very well.

Another interesting development is the arrival of a British Heart Foundation sponsored CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training kit. This came in a large holdall containing 10 separate training units, consisting of manikins and ancillary equipment. When the defibrillator arrives we will be in a good position to be on standby, should we be in the unfortunate position of having to use the equipment. Having members of the village trained in the use of the defibrillator and to able to assist by using CPR  techniques until professional help arrives, will significantly contribute to the survival of the patient.

Look out for a date for the training session. You are all invited to attend the training session. You can join in and learn what is needed, or even just observe so you know what is going on. Trainees and observers will gain confidence in knowing that help is on hand right within the village.

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Defibrillator update

Here is an update on the Defibrillator fund.

As you know from a previous posting, the School’s Arts and Craft Club created and sold bead hearts, like the photo. They raised £27.50 as reported in the previous update.

The Horse and Groom and their customers have also been busy collecting at the bar and from the Quiz Night revenue and prize money; their pre-Christmas total was £85.91. Over the Christmas period a group of friends visited the Horse and Groom. They collected forfeits during their stay, and added another £170 to the fund. We would like to say thank you to these anonymous people for their generous contribution.

Don’t forget that another business is willing to contribute to the fund, if their customers come from the village and join the loyalty scheme. For details contact James Ellis who owns Platinum Auto Care garage in Wroxham for details via Facebook on

The parish clerk applied for a grant from the British Hear Foundation, and we received £600 from them. At the last count we have now raised A total of £965.11.

£305.91 from the Horse and Groom
£27.50 from the primary school
£31.70 from the carol service
£600.00 from the British Heart Foundation

The village has now adopted the phone box opposite the school, and we will soon be able to start work on its refurbishment ready for defibrillator unit, when it is purchased. Currently we are working out the running costs, and are awaiting the result of a search on the best insurance premium.

BT have agreed to sponsor the initiative, by supplying the electricity free of charge for 7 years. The electricity is used to keep the defibrillator heated, and it’s battery topped up. BT will also supply the paint and stickers.

We do not yet have a final total money needed to set the unit up, but it is likely to be in the region of £2000. There are still some technical and legal boxes to tick, but the parish clerk has these in hand. We will keep you posted through this blog.

So hearty thanks goes to

  • The children of the village school
  • The parish church
  • The anonymous friends who visited the Horse and Groom
  • The Horse and Groom pub in Market Street
  • James Ellis of Platinum Auto Care
  • And the village clerk
  • The British Heart Foundation
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Parish council meeting – 16-1-18

Tunstead and Sco Ruston Parish Council

You are invited to attend the next Meeting
of Tunstead and Sco Ruston Parish Council on Tuesday 16th January 2018
in Tunstead Village Hall at 7.30 pm


1. ½ hour Public Participation to include Police, County and District Councillor reports.
2. Apologies for absence.
3. To receive declarations of interest in items on the Agenda and any requests for a dispensation.
4. To consider the minutes of the meeting of 21st November 2017.
5. To report matters arising from these minutes.
6. To consider received correspondence.
7. Summary of on line services to the parish.
8. Grant for replacement Village Hall.
9. To review Clerk’s financial report and agree payments.
10. Data Protection.
11. To discuss Highway matters: including the SAM2 sign, the new TROD and flooding issues.
12. To discuss Planning matters, including planning applications which have been commented on since the last meeting.
13. To discuss Environmental Matters.
14. Report from the Playing Field committee.
15. Community Defibrillator.
16. To report any other business (note that this is to report matters for inclusion in a future agenda or matters which require no decision to be made by the Parish Council).

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Mahjong Demonstration Evening


Carol Hodgkiss has arranged to hold a Mahjong evening at the Horse and Groom, in Market Street on 18th January 2018. The event will start at 7:00pm.

Mahjong is a table game played with domino-sized tiles instead of cards. A group of four players play in each hand.  The objective is to create 3 or 4 of a kind, or sequences. The first to achieve this is the winner of that hand. The winner is awarded points, which are given in the form of stick-like counters from the other three players in the group. Each hand is played in a similar way to the hands in rummy and takes as long to achieve.

The village has a small friendly Mahjong group run by Carol Hodgkiss. She holds a regular Friday morning session between 10.00am until 1.00pm. They play mahjong, chat a little and have a hot drink and cake or biscuits. All levels are welcome and she is happy to teach beginners. In fact most of the group comprises of those she has taught. Many were not previously familiar with the game at all.

Please pop along to the Horse and Groom on the 18th and see the game played, and join in if you are feeling brave. The basic game-play does not take long to pick up, but the fun comes from trying to collect tiles to make up special combinations with exotic names like; Wriggly Snake, Dragon’s Tail, and Moon at the Bottom of the Well.

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