Yard Sale – 2017

Tunstead will be holding its popular annual Yard Sale on Sunday 7th May 2017.

There will be approximately 20 houses participating in the event which runs from 9am  until midday.

If you wish to participate as a seller then please contact Wendy on 01603 783377.

Maps for location of the houses participating in the yard sale will be available from the portacabin on the recreation ground. Toilets and Teas will also be available there.

issued 25/4/17
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Well done mop and bucket crew

It was Mop and Bucket Day on Sunday 23rd April. It was time to give the buildings on the Recreation Ground a spruce-up ready for the season’s activities. So the changing rooms and the main building were tended to by a small, but dedicated team of volunteers. So thanks go to the team; Wendy, two Christines, Neil, Lisa, Poppy, Tilly and Clive.

The morning was pleasant and mild, just right to enable the team to sweep, dust, wash and polish the insides of the buildings. We turned up around 10:00am and set-to dividing into three parties; one cleaning the main hall, another team tackling the shower rooms, and Neil acting as handyman; hammering and screwing anything that needed fixing. Neil was helped by his two children; who spent some of their time testing the play equipment on the recreation ground. Wendy kept the teas and coffees flowing in-between her cleaning duties knowing that refreshments would be welcomed by everyone.

 By lunch-time the main tasks had been completed, and a to-do list had been compiled. The cobwebs were gone. The dust diminished. Floors swept and washed, and the walls wiped over.

The team thought the buildings looked just right for acting as the base for the yard sale on May 7th, and the Fête on June 11th.

There are still one or two repair and replace jobs left to do, so we would like volunteers to come forward and lend a hand. Please contact Wendy directly, or though this web site, if you can spare some time to help out.

issued 24/4/17
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The Swallows have returned to Tunstead

One of our keen-eyed residents has spotted the return of the swallows. She said that they have started repairing their nests in preparation of the breeding seasons.

These blue, streamlined, forked tailed aerobats can be seen swooping low over open grasslands, or stooping down on muddy puddles to gather material for their nests.

Like a number of other birds, these creatures are endangered and protected by British Law. But people are encouraged to support them by providing artificial nest boxes in outbuildings. The RSPB offer advice for anyone wishing to know how to go about nest-box provision. They suggest using ice-cream tubs as a substitute nest.

The arrival of the birds is around the occurrence of the Vernal Equinox; mid-March. So, the birds take advantage of the lengthening daylight hours and the increase in the insect population, upon which they feed.

The breeding season in Britain enables the parents to attempt to raise chicks from a clutch of 4 or 5 eggs. So, you will see swallows at their busiest in the early part of their time with us. If they are not collecting mud to build or repair their nests, they are gathering insects for their brood. Later on, after the fledged young fend for themselves, you will start to see them gather in large numbers, usually on telephone wires (where they are most visible) chattering about the migration ahead of them back to Africa. The pre-migration roosts of the now larger flocks around here, is usually the reed beds of the broads. The swallows migrate to areas around South Africa travelling among the African West coast. Years ago, it was thought that swallows hibernated locally. Some people believing that they slept under water for the winter. This supposition was supported through observation by the locals; probably seeing them roosting in the reeds as part of the pre-migration activity.

So keep a lookout for these agile flyers as they swoop low over water or pasture in search of their favourite insect food.

published 11/4/17
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Mop and Bucket Day – Sunday 23rd April

The Village Hall Committee are organising a spring clean activity. The idea is to give the Village Hall and the Recreation Ground Loos a spruce-up, in time for the Yard Sale and Village Fête.

The committee would love you to come and help; even if you can only spend half an hour. It is surprising what can be done in that time. If 16 people turned up for just 30 minutes, it would be like one of the committee members spending the whole day sweeping and washing.

We’ve called it a mop and bucket day because these essential tools are what is needed; along with a cloth or sponge. We will supply the “Flash” and “Vim”, but we would like you to supply equipment and the elbow grease.

I am sure teas and coffees will be on hand to keep you going.

So please put Sunday 23rd April in your diary, and come along anytime from 10:00am. If you come early you could get to choose your favourite cleaning job.

reviewed 5/4/17
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