Frances Dewis

Frances has been painting for about 7 years, having previously declared that she had absolutely no artistic talent. Another local artist, Andy Rowe worked with Frances to refine her technique and she has been developing and improving with every picture. 

Frances prefers to paint in oil, it being “a more forgiving” medium in Frances’ view; landscapes are her preferred subject. She is, however, particularly pleased with ‘The Clipper’, which she feels successfully captures the crashing waves, with a dramatic contrast between powerful depths and ephemeral spray.

She recently submitted 4 of her pictures at the Tunstead Art Exhibition, where her Sedge Warbler received several compliments and offers of purchase. Unfortunately for us, it was not for sale! As is often the case with ‘leisure’ artists, there are no expectations or pressures of commission, and Frances is free to devote her painting to subjects that she finds particularly pleasing, be it birds, visited landscapes, or copies of well known pieces of work by Segoe or Van Gogh.

Interestingly she has expressed the pleasure at the rekindled ability to really ‘see’ things from her sharpened observation: colours and contrast, shade and depth, form and perspective.  An analysis of detail in, say, a landscape, has made her very much more appreciative of natural surroundings.

As is also not unusual in ‘leisure’ artists, the drive and motivation waxes and wanes; she recently retired from her Surlingham-based art class, and is considering joining a local class. After her next painting assignment, which is the interior decoration of her day room-cum-art studio, she will hopefully rediscover her easel, brushes and canvas and once more become self-absorbed, relaxed and artistically productive.

To see more of Frances’ paintings, check out her Gallery page.