Parish Plan

Tunstead & Sco-Ruston – A Plan for the 21st Century

The formation of a Village Plan for Tunstead & Sco-Ruston arose following publication of a Rural White Paper issued by DEFRA, the Government agency for Environment, Food and rural Affairs. The White Paper described a Village Plan as:

An opportunity to develop community agreement on local priorities, and opinions for addressing them

and as a means to

Preserve valued local features and to map out the Facilities and services which the community needs to safeguard the future

Parishoners were invited to Tunstead Primary School to add their suggestions and comments to the parish plan in December 2006 and, following this, a questionnaire was issued to all residents in 2009 to gather opinion and feedback on priorities for Tunstead & Sco-Ruston villages.

Since then a number of initiatives have been put into place although the largest concern, the need for a Village Hall, is ongoing. At this point in time:

Tunstead & Sco-Ruston Village Plan

Download the Plan

  • Our new parish website is up and running
  • The Village Newsletter is published quarterly, having been running since 2009
  • A small number of residents took part in a Community Speedwatch Scheme to monitor traffic speeds along Market Street

All this has come directly from needs identified in the Plan.

A copy is available for download here:
(Click image to download).

Action Plan

As a committee, the Steering Group are satisfied that positive moves have been made and we are gratified that our work is really achieving results. A Parish Plan should be a live document, updated as the needs and desires of the community are addressed and change. You can all be part of this movement to improve and safeguard our parish. If you want to get involved please contact the committee.

The work is ongoing as we need to be active with the identified Action Plan to make this Parish Plan truly worthwhile.