Local Services

Are you aware of any local service that would be of interest to residents ? If so, then please contact us. (Note: Local businesses are advertised separately).

 Pre-booked bus service

Feline Travel took over the pre-book bus service knows as the “Poppybus” in September 2016. This service provide a convenient bus service between Wroxham and North Walsham. There is even a monthly service to Great Yarmouth and Norwich. For Tunstead residents, the bus runs regularly each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Though Feline Travel suggests there may be flexibility to accommodate journeys outside the schedule, so always ask when booking. Click here for details.


Mobile Library Service

Norfolk Mobile Library

The Mobile Library is scheduled to call to Tunstead at the following locations and times:

  • 12.25 – 12.40  : Fletcher Close
  • 12.45 – 12.55  : Granary Way
  • 1.00pm – 1.15pm : Manor Close

The Mobile Library service is free to join and offers all the services of a main library.

Dates of visits to Tunstead:

  • 08-Feb-17
  • 08-Mar-17
  • 05-Apr-17
  • 03-May-17
  • 31-May-17
  • 28-Jun-17
  • 26-Jul-17
  • 23-Aug-17
  • 20-Sep-17
  • 18-Oct-17
  • 15-Nov-17
  • 13-Dec-17

For further information click here.

 The Oil Club

Local Resident Anita Willis has been running “The Oil Club” for many years. The oil club enables people in our community to purchase heating oil at discounted rates. If you are not a member of an oil purchase syndicate do consider joining.  Continue reading >>

Reviewed 28/1/17