Thomas Adamski

Painting a picture of Tunstead Artist, Thomas Adamski

Thomas Adamski, Tunstead ArtistBorn in 1956 in the beautiful city of Poznan in Poland, Thomas moved to England 10 years ago. Thomas has been involved with art since his earliest years and is an astonishingly prolific artist, seeing it as an outlet of his emotions, moods and aspirations. He studied at the Poznan Academy of Fine Art for 5 years and during his artistic life Thomas has experimented with a range of media. In Poland he was mainly a sculptor, creating large abstract pieces from stone and wood, which were displayed outside in gardens as well as in a large gallery in Poznan.

Thomas is a large, quiet man with a ready smile but one senses a restless energy in him. His studio is small, his output large: many of his pictures have been sold on ebay, many given as presents to friends, some auctioned off for charity. It is evident that both he and Marie have a huge generosity of goodwill and friendliness.

'Fiery Stallion' - acrylic on canvas by Thomas Adamski

‘Fiery Stallion’ – acrylic on canvas

More recently he has concentrated on sketches using charcoal and pastel and has employed this medium to complement his great fondness for animals, especially greyhounds. Both he and Marie are fervent supporters of the Greyhound Trust and abhor all forms of animal exploitation, greyhound racing in particular.

When he draws, he works quickly, concentrating on capturing the suggestion of desolation and vulnerability in the greyhounds’ eyes. He works from memory, from a chance pose of a friend’s child or pet, rapid and emotional, focusing on the soul or spirit of the subject.

He and his wife Marie have been living in Tunstead for nearly 3 years and, given his obvious talent, we hope will spend many more happy years here.

You can view some of Thomas’s art on his Tunstead & Sco-Ruston Gallery page. A selection of Thomas’s artwork, covering equinary, feline and canine subjects as well as portraiture can also be viewed on his web site.