Cinerary urn stolen

Today I learned that one of our villagers has suffered the desecration of a loved one’s ashes, and the theft of the urn which held them. If you can help identify the perpetrators or help to recover the urn please use the contact information below.

You may have had a slip of paper posted through your door recently. The wording from that note is retyped below:

“Last Saturday (22nd July) in the afternoon, trespassers removed from a garden in Tunstead a blue and white patterned ceramic urn containing my father’s ashes, which they dumped on the ground. Other ceramic plant pots were also emptied out and stolen. Our neighbour spotted the trespassers, two grey haired ladies, one wearing a pink top and the other a stripy top. Unfortunately, he didn’t have time to challenge them, as he initially assumed they must be friends of ours. As they were on foot, we assume they live locally.

If you have an information regarding this appalling theft please contact 01603 395373, or email [email protected] or simply return all items to their rightful place, so we can replace my father’s ashes on the vase lovingly chosen by his wife and myself.”


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