Tunstead church in bloom

Church of St. Mary's, TunsteadOn Saturday 29th July, St Mary’s Tunstead hosted a wedding ceremony. In order to prepare the church for this wonderful event, the church was decorated with boughs, blooms, and bouquets.

The decorations were held over into Sunday, so that the church community and members of the public could view them.

The church of St Mary the Virgin is of cathedral-like proportions with a high arching roof, and a central aisle and two additional ones on either side. So to decorate the church was no mean feat. Trees and saplings were brought in to mark the aisles, and floral wreaths decorated the pew ends. Candles were also placed at the end of the pews.  The rood screen arch became a floral arch which led to the chancel. Pedestal displays and trees were also placed in the side chapels so to integrate the whole church into the theme.


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