Tunstead Oil Group Scheme

Tunstead Oil Group Scheme (TOGS)Would you like to save money on your heating oil purchase ? The Tunstead Oil Group Scheme (TOGS) is a Community Group covering Tunstead & Sco-Ruston which aims to do just that.  The Norfolk Rural Community Council runs a scheme. TOGS is a registered administrator for the scheme in Tunstead & Scho-Ruston.

Average savings of the Norfolk RCC Scheme by members in 2011 was £60 on 1000 litre order. The Scheme is a partnership between Norfolk Rural Community Council and A F Affinity.  This allows it to benefit from one of the largest agricultural purchasing groups.  The aim is to try and provide rural communities with cheaper fuel. 

How the Scheme Works

Each month, on the first working day of the month, the Scheme coordinator will collect orders from individual households. If you require domestic heating fuel you need simply indicate your order (1,000 litres, etc.) to the scheme coordinator. The scheme will then negotiate the best price from reputable domestic oil suppliers based on the bulk order from all members which enabled TOGS members to secure the bulk purchase discount on prices.

There is no compulsion to purchase oil based on the scheme quoted price. If you can find a better price, take it !  But on average the syndicate price is a penny lower than the day price and has sometimes been over two pence per litre cheaper. That may not sound much but on average the scheme has saved members around 9% on the market price, equivalent to £120 per year if you purchase 2,000 litres/year. In June 2012 the scheme price was c £0.558/litre (55.8p), some 5% lower than the best price available if ordering independently.

Tunstead Oil Group Domestic Oil Price

Remember, also the Scheme coordinator has canvassed the market to secure the best price, thereby saving you the trouble of ringing round different suppliers.

If you require Oil urgently you can place an Order by ringing 01603 881888 outside the usual Order Period at the beginning of each month. You need to have already registered with TOGS to Order.

Paying for Your Heating Oil Order

The scheme accepts payment by Debit Card, Credit Card (a 2% surcharge applies) or by Direct Debit set up through a Standing Order (the preferred method as this reduces costs). If paying by Direct Debit you will only be billed in the month you actually order any oil and will benefit from the fact that payment is taken at the end of the month.

How Do I Join Tunstead Oil Group Scheme (TOGS) ?

The scheme is open to all Tunstead & Sco-Ruston Households (excluding businesses).

If you would like to join please complete the attached form and return it to Norfolk Norfolk RCC by email to [email protected] or by post to Ambassador Way, Green Road, Dereham, Norfolk, NR20 3TL.

Download Icon Norfolk RCC Oil Scheme Registration Form


Other Useful Information

For information on other measures you can take to reduce your fuel bill check the Which Guide on getting the best heating oil price.